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Made in Germany

"Made in Germany" is regarded worldwide as a quality mark: products from Germany are in first place. People from all over the world rightly trust this mark.

All our oxygen concentrators are manufactured locally in our company. We do not relabel or have manufacturing facilities outside of Germany: every single product is subject to manufacturing and quality control at our Dieblich site.

Of course, we source our components globally, ensuring cost-effectiveness and excellence in our supplier products. Regardless of size and origin, we buy from the best.

Germany as a manufacturing location has its price. But as a family-run company, this is the only way we can put our family name on our products. Kröber quality, Made in Germany.

That's what I stand for!

Horst Kröber

EG Zertifikat

EG Zertifikat

EN ISO 13485

EN ISO 13485